Breaking down the Presidential Election by the issues

Looking at the two candidates and how this election will affect us

John Milas, Staff writer

With all the side stories surrounding his year’s Presidential election it is hard to find out what ideas each candidate has to solve problems facing the country.

The chart below has common issues that the candidates have campaigned on and how each one of the wants to address it.

ISSUE                          Trump Clinton
Healthcare He wants to replace Obamacare with a better healthcare system. He also wants to allow for the sale of health insurance between states. She wants to defend and expand the Affordable Care Act.
Guns Supports 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms. Wants to keep guns away from mentally ill people. She wants common sense gun laws, background checks, close loop holes that allow guns to be bought w/o a background check.
Immigration He wants to build a wall along the border with Mexico. Enforce the immigration laws that are in place. Extensive background checks on refugees. Give people a path to citizenship and end family deportation.
Jobs Reform the tax code and make it easier for businesses to hire and grow. He wants to renegotiate trade deals so they support American workers. Invest in high paying jobs and educations to allow people to get to those high paying jobs.
Minimum Wage He has said that the wage should go up to at least $10

, but also states should set it.

She wants to raise the minimum wage to $12 and supports $15 minimum wage.