Hillary? Trump? Anybody else?

This year’s Presidential election proves to be historic, but is that a good thing for us?

John Milas, Staff writer

As the Presidential Election of 2016 approaches, it seems that the St. Joseph student body is undecided on who they would vote for with half of the students surveyed in this category. Students who knew which candidate they would vote for, said they would vote for Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Only a few students said they would vote for Republican Nominee Donald Trump.

Carlos Gomez student surveyed, said he was undecided because he is not into politics so does not care for the election.

Mya Domio a Clinton supporter said she supports Clinton because Clinton is more qualified for the job and Trump is very offensive.

Overall, of 20 students surveyed, 10 said they were undecided, eight said they support Clinton and two said they support Trump.