Appreciating Thanksgiving

Leah Matthews, Staff writer


Thanksgiving traditions are important to families across the world. In my family, this is the time we give thanks to God.  We celebrate by coming together and sharing what we are thankful for. Also we eat, laugh play games, dance and have fun together like it is our last time seeing each other.

The food in my family is the most important part. It take for hours to cook everything in a day. We all meet at one house and we prepare for a big dinner. This family loves to eat.

“We have a very large family who likes to eat a lot of food and who like to talk a lot,” says my grandfather Jimmy Cutts.

In some traditions, there are breakfast clubs. Breakfast clubs are when thanksgiving begins early in the morning. After breakfast they will get a family journal and look at things that are about 30 years old. Then, when they have been filled with laughter, they will put the turkey in the oven. The reason for Breakfast club is to spend the whole day with you family and add years memories to a growing collection of God’s blessings

“In my family we do the breakfast club for thanksgiving. I really do enjoy myself. I really don’t like when we wake up early in the morning but it is worth it,” says my child hood friend Jasmine.

There is another Thanksgiving tradition I would like to share, which is giving to others. Some families, instead of sitting down with your family to eat they go out and give to the poor. They believe that if “you give to others and you shall receive a blessing from God,” because it says this in the Bible.

I believe it is really true. They would offer a lot of food to the poor, including enough food to last for a while. Sometimes they would give the poor warm clothes or even money.

Thanksgiving Traditions are really important around this world. Your tradition should continue forever. So those in your family shall never forget the past.