Settling the debate between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Stefania Renteria, Staff writer

Christmas and Christmas Eve happen on back-to-back days and both are designed to celebrate the same thing, but it seems like everyone has a preference as to which holiday they enjoy more.

People around the world have their own customs and preferences.

Personally, coming from a Latino community we take both holydays very serious.

Christmas Eve is all about coming together as a family and create new beginnings as New Year approaches. The day revolves on all kinds of foods from different cultures. Kids are anxious for presents. And adults gather around and talk about their beliefs disbeliefs as they catch up.

Religiously, Latinos believe Jesus was born at midnight, in which we take this moment to open up gifts and tell one another why we appreciate them. After we dance, sing, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company. And, most importantly, is an opportunity to create new memories.

Christmas is the day after the big celebration in which we strive to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Usually Latinos don’t tend to take the day after as serious but do gather once again as always keeping it more simple but special. For those who believe in the truth meaning of Christmas understand why people take it so seriously. Presents are our way of saying thank you to those who we appreciate and love. They are usually given during midnight and sometimes are given the morning of Christmas, depending on customs you follow as a family. Even though Christmas Eve and Christmas have their differences they will always remain as one.