Gamer world rocked by tragedy at Madden Tournament

Miguel Flojo, Staff writer

Over the years, video games have changed, including graphics that are getting so beautiful and more complex in a gameplay perspective. People are even making a living playing video games by winning tournaments.


It’s all fun and competitive and to get a crowd going, but some people take it too seriously. In Jacksonville, Florida, a video game tournament for Madden (football videogame) was being held, and winners would be able to go to the next level to compete in Las Vegas.


David Katz, a 24-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland, went to this gaming event and brought a hand gun with him. He was in the GLHF game bar and began to open fire in the venue. This caused the death of two people and wounded 10 others.


“All of the injured are expected to live,” Sheriff Mike Williams said at the time, in mid-September.


Officials also later stated, “three of the four people hospitalized at the Memorial Hospital have been



The two victims who were murdered was Elijah Clayton, 22, of Woodland Hills, CA, and Taylor Robertson, 28, of Giles, West Virginia. Clayton was a Calabasas football player, but made a living through gaming to pay for college.


Robertson was a player for the Dot City Gaming Team who had career winnings more than $80,000.


In a post-game interview, Katz seemed really cocky about the tournament, being quoted as saying “I personally think I’m one of the better players.”

A witness, Alexander Madunic, who was a gamer who got injured from a gunshot to the foot, beat Katz in a game in the Madden tournament earlier in the day. He was quoted at the time saying, “He was kind of upset about that so I’m guessing that had something to do with it.”


Katz was previously treated for psychological and emotional issues. As a child, Katz was placed on an antipsychotic medicine used to treat schizophrenia. Katz was also placed on two antidepressants. Police are still investigating on Katz motive for the shootings though.


A time to have fun and be entertained has turned into a sad and dangerous event. We should’ve had more security at events like this. How could they have let someone in with a gun being carried with them? This is crazy a something like this should never happen again.