How old is too old to trick-or-treat?

Miguel Flojo, Staff writer

Do you ever wonder, how old is too old?

Halloween is a holiday in October where kids can dress going door to door to get candy from houses. But you really only see little kids trick or treating. Is there an age limit? How old do you have to be to know it’s enough?


Kids on average stop dressing up and trick or treating by the age of 12-16. It’s even illegal to trick or treat by the age of 16 in places in like Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, and Virginia.


Matthew Kubeczko, who is a sophomore stopped at 13.


“There was really no one to go with,” he said. “I think people should stop trick or treating in their teenage years.”


The majority of people stop around their teenage years. So expecting people to feel the same way the appropriate age to stop trick or treating is around the ages of 13-16.