Christmas Break – a time to relax or a time to play?

Anthony Capua, Staff writer

As we are getting closer to the end of the semester, the anxiety of finals is undermined by the thought of a two-week vacation that is soon to follow. Many of the students are getting ready for break in multiple ways. Some people are going to visit family afar, while others are staying local.

“I’m going to visit my parents in Kentucky, my brother is going to be there too, and we’re going to play a lot of board games and watch a lot of movies” said Religion and Theology and Film teacher, Mr. Johnson.

For the majority of freshmen, this will be their first experience with finals. The final test grade counts as 20% of the overall semester grade, so many of the students have already started studying.

For seniors, Christmas break will be a time to mull over college applications. For some, they’ve already submitted applications to various colleges and will be waiting to see their decision in the upcoming weeks.

However, once all the tests are done, it will be a time of relaxation and fun. A well-needed two-week break divides up the two semesters. Teachers will take this time to prepare for the next semester and students will be experiencing the joy of the holiday season.

The Christmas break is still a few weeks away, but it’s already on the top of our minds. We shouldn’t forget the true meaning of Christmas during our time away. It will be enjoyed by all the students and faculty. And at the end, St. Joseph will welcome them back for another semester.