Corona Virus numbers spiking again as year comes to a close

Rachel Barnes, Staff writer

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over most of this year, and for the most part, it had been going well over the past few months until recently, when we’ve seen a spike with the colder weather and holiday gatherings. There is definitely a spike occurring again as the holidays quickly approach, with a surge of rising coronavirus case numbers.  

Hospitals have once again become overwhelmed with the news of the newest record-breaking numbers and are now preparing for the worst. Hospitals have also had to now go back to a “Covid-19 hospital” mentality  meaning that they are no longer taking patients that need overnight care if they do not have Covid-19.  

Patients who do not have Covid-19 are being sent to other facilities. 

As for school, more and more schools across the country continue to switch back to remote (online learning) to ensure the safety of their students and their families. This now leaves working parents once again having to look for a sitter to watch their child/ children while they work. 

Meanwhile, as for work and jobs, many people are now looking at the possibility of having to work from home again. As for others, they are looking at a chance of getting laid off. This comes from the fact that we are looking at a potential lockdown once again. 

Governor J.B. Pritzker spoke about the rising cases and stated his concerns about the more brutal outcome that could come after this thanksgiving holiday stating “I’m very concerned as we approach (the Holidays). I’m very concerned as these numbers rise. And as a result, we are looking at the possibility that we would have to go back a phase, the possibility that we would have to ultimately have a stay-at-home order – those are not things that I prefer to do. But those are things that these numbers are not sustainable.” 

As we now continue to prepare for the worst over the upcoming holidays, we also continue to hold hope in our hearts  that we can possibly overcome this Virus that has destroyed a lot of families over the last couple of months.